How to Replace Motorcycle Wheels?

Answer Maintaining the quality of both the wheels and the tires is vital safety measure for any motorcyclist, but many are ignorant of what to do when the wheel actually needs replacing. Taking your bike ... Read More »

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The Benefits of Aluminum Wheels Over Wire Spoke Wheels on a Motorcycle?

To novice motorcyclists, the choice between aluminum wheels and wire-spoke wheels may seem inconsequential. Experienced riders, however, will know the difference aluminum wheels make in both perfor... Read More »

Wired Vs. Mag Wheels for a Motorcycle?

Although magnesium ("mag") wheels were once all the rage for performance motorcycles, they have largely gone out of use in favor of wire wheels, or similar-looking but stronger alloy wheels.

How to Repair Motorcycle Wheels?

Impacts with road debris, pot holes and speed bumps can, over time, bend and warp a motorcycle's wheel. This can affect the motorcycle's performance, as well as cause the tire to wear unevenly. Mot... Read More »

How to Lace Motorcycle Wheels?

Lacing motorcycle wheels is partly master craft and partly black art. Good wheel builders can lace a wheel perfectly in half an hour. Lacing all motorcycle wheels involves basically the same set of... Read More »