How to Replace Mazda MPV Brake Rotors?

Answer It is always recommended to replace the brake pads when replacing the brake rotors on a Mazda MPV, however, it is not required. The surface of new brake pads "seated" against the surface of a new r... Read More »

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How to Replace the Brake Rotors on a Mazda 3?

Replacing the brake rotors on your Mazda 3 may require some special tools, depending on which axle rotors you want to replace. Rear disk brakes will require a special caliper-compressing tool with ... Read More »

How to Take off a Mazda MPV's Brake Rotors?

You don't have to pay a brake installation center to remove the rotors from your Mazda MPV, provided you have some automotive repair tools and mechanical skills. Considering what these repair facil... Read More »

How to Fix Brake Rotors & Pads on a Mazda Protege 5?

The braking system in your Mazda Protege is a simple system in terms of moving parts. However, the system is complicated in the sense that everything must work 100 percent of the time. This is the ... Read More »

How to Remove Mazda Tribute Brake Rotors?

The Mazda Tribute is manufactured with a hydraulically actuated caliper and rotor braking system. This system uses spinning rotor material and friction pads to stop the SUV, and these surfaces can ... Read More »