How to Replace Locking Hubs?

Answer Drivers who wish to change from two to four-wheel drive have the option to use the locking hub system of their vehicle. This system gives them the power to go from one drive to another when they pr... Read More »

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How to Replace Manual Locking Hubs?

The locking hub on four-wheel drive vehicles form a direct link between the front axles and tires. The adjustment setting on the locking hub allows the front wheels to spin for driving on regular p... Read More »

How to Install Locking Hubs?

Locking hubs are used on the front wheels of some 4x4 vehicles. When the hubs are not locked your front wheels will turn freely without any connection to the drive train. When the hubs are locked t... Read More »

How to Remove Locking Hubs?

Locking hubs are an essential component of your truck´s ability to switch between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. If your locking hubs fail, they must be removed. However, you can save mone... Read More »

How Do 4WD Locking Hubs Work?

Considering the intricacies and computerized nature of today's automobile, four-wheel drive locking hubs remain essential. This mechanism, whether engaged from a passenger compartment or manually t... Read More »