How to Replace Lenses in Plastic Frames?

Answer Anyone who wears glasses knows the importance of choosing just the right pair to flatter your face. In addition to helping you see, glasses make a fashion statement. If you have found the perfect p... Read More »

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Getting strong sticky tape residue off plastic bath & upvc window frames without damaging the plastic?

WD-40 I would first try iy in a hard to see area.

How do they fit lenses in frames?

Answer If you have one, your User Guide/Instruction Book/ on-screen Manual should be able to help you. For example, I have a Canon A710IS, and under "Memory Cards and Estimated Capacities" for a 51... Read More »

How to Find Frames to Fit Lenses?

Finding new frames for your old lenses may take some extra time, but it can save you the cost of new lenses that you would otherwise incur with an eyeglass purchase. This method is especially helpf... Read More »

Can I purchase my own frames& order my lenses to be cut?

If you wear eyeglasses and your current purchased frames are in good condition, you have the option of retaining those frames and only replacing the lenses, if your prescription changes. You also m... Read More »