How to Replace Freeze Plugs on a 1995 Toyota?

Answer Freeze plugs are remnants of the casting process that formed your engine. Toyota uses sand as a casting medium, and the inside of an engine block is complicated. As such, small tubes made by inse... Read More »

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How Do I Change the Spark Plugs on a 1995 Toyota Corolla?

Changing your spark plugs is part of routine maintenance on any type of vehicle. A Toyota Corolla, and many other vehicles with four-cylinder engines, typically can run slightly longer than big blo... Read More »

How to Replace Freeze Plugs?

Freeze plugs are expansion units inserted into the sides of engine blocks. Freeze plugs protect against damage incurred to the engine resulting from freezing. The plugs respond to a possible freeze... Read More »

How to Replace Rusted Freeze Plugs?

Do you have a coolant leak on your engine block? Most likely it's a leaky rusted freeze plug.

How to Replace the Freeze Plugs on a GM 350 Truck?

Freeze plugs are small plugs placed in the side of an engine block to prevent damage in extreme cold weather conditions. When the temperature drops too low, coolant with too much water can turn to ... Read More »