How to Replace Freeze Plugs in Engines?

Answer Freeze plugs are used to keep the antifreeze and water from freezing inside your engine, which could cause your engine head to crack. If the temperature drops and you haven't driven your vehicle fo... Read More »

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How to Replace Freeze Plugs?

Freeze plugs are expansion units inserted into the sides of engine blocks. Freeze plugs protect against damage incurred to the engine resulting from freezing. The plugs respond to a possible freeze... Read More »

How to Replace Freeze Plugs in an Auto?

Freeze plugs, also known as expansion plugs, are small, round plugs made out of metal that are installed in a variety of locations on the surface of an engine block. The main purpose of freeze plug... Read More »

How to Replace Ford 4.9L Freeze Plugs?

Flat screwdriverHammerPliers Permatex-type gasket sealerNew freeze plugsSocket

How to Replace Rusted Freeze Plugs?

Do you have a coolant leak on your engine block? Most likely it's a leaky rusted freeze plug.