How to Replace Fork Seals on a '97 XR 400R?

Answer The Honda XR 400R motorcycle is a duel-sport dirt bike that's ready to be ridden on the street or in the dirt. Most of the XR models have transitioned into the CRF line and are not made any more. T... Read More »

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How to Replace Fork Seals?

The fork seals on a motorcycle keep oil in the chambers and allow the suspension to work properly. So, it is very important to keep these working properly and in good condition. Seals are not very ... Read More »

How to Replace YZ450F Fork Seals?

Navigating the rugged terrain and high-flying jumps that make motocross racing so exciting can take its toll on your Yamaha YZ4550F dirt bike. Leaking fork seals are one of the more common problems... Read More »

How to Replace Motorcycle Fork Oil Seals?

Motorcycle forks are the two long metal cylinder mechanisms a motorcycle's front tire is mounted to. The forks absorb bumps and vibrations from the front tire while you ride--they perform like a sh... Read More »

How to Replace Motorcycle Fork Seals?

Motorcycle forks are mounted to the front wheel and absorb the bumps and vibration while you ride. The fork seals are the plastic or rubber ring around the center of the forks that keep the oil ins... Read More »