How to Replace Fog Lights in an E39?

Answer The fog lights are an important of the overall safety of your BMW E39. If they go out, they should be replaced as soon as possible in order to prevent potential accidents and to avoid being fined b... Read More »

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How do I Replace OEM Driving Lights With Amber Fog Lights?

Cars use a specialized type of fog light to brighten up the area directly in front of your car. These lights are not always required by law, but are extremely useful in foggy weather. The fog lamps... Read More »

How to Replace Dome Lights With LED Lights in an RV?

An LED light uses less energy and will burn longer than a standard incandescent RV dome light, according to Consumer Reports. The major difference between an LED and incandescent bulb is the price ... Read More »

How to Replace M5 Fog Lights?

The BMW M5 comes equipped with fog lights that allow for improved road vision in foggy conditions. Like all lights on the M5, the fog light bulbs will eventually burn out. When this happens, you mu... Read More »

How to Replace HID Lights?

A high-intensity discharge, or HID, headlight provides a stronger beam of light than a conventional headlight but can burn out just like any other headlight. When this happens, it should be replace... Read More »