How to Replace / Fix A Toyota Corolla Door Handle (98-02)?

Answer It seems like broken passenger side door handles have been a big problem for this generation of Toyota Corolla. I had the same problem so I decided to document and share it. This is based on my exp... Read More »

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How to Replace a Door Handle On a Toyota Corolla/Geo Prism?

The door handles on a Toyota Corolla or a Geo Prism are made of plastic and will not take much abuse before breaking; usually, the tab on the rear of the handle that pushes the door latch rod will ... Read More »

How to Replace a Toyota Corolla Driver's Exterior Door Handle?

If the driver's side exterior door handle on your Toyota Corolla's isn't opening or closing properly, it may need to be replaced. It's also possible to replace it with a more impressive aftermarket... Read More »

How to Take a Door Handle Off on a 2006 Toyota Corolla?

Touted for reliability and fuel economy, the Toyota Corolla is one of the more recognizable names in Toyota's automotive offerings. As reliable as they might be, the Corolla's interior and exterior... Read More »

How to Fix a Toyota Corolla Door Handle That Won't Open?

Toyota Corollas door handles can get stuck or simply not opening doors. The 2004 Toyota Corolla repair manual includes a little information on how to remove the inside door panel, but you may need ... Read More »