How to Replace Firefox 2 With Firefox 3.03 on Ubuntu?

Answer Firefox is an open-source web browser from Mozilla and Ubuntu is a popular open-source Linux distribution. On the Mac and Windows versions of Firefox, you can quickly check for updates within the b... Read More »

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How to Speed Up Firefox 3.5 in Ubuntu?

The native Web browser of the Ubuntu operating system is Mozilla Firefox. If you begin to notice that Firefox is taking longer to load Internet sites than it has in the past, this means that you ne... Read More »

How to Install multiple versions of Firefox on Ubuntu?

Sometimes you need to work with an older version of Firefox (either you are a designer and want to have both version on the same computer or you need the older version in order to use obsolete tool... Read More »

How do I fix the Firefox flash video sound on Ubuntu Hardy?

Open a Terminal window by selecting “Applications,” “Accessories” and “Terminal.” Type the command “sudo apt-get install alsa-oss” (without quotations), and press enter to install A... Read More »

Do you have to use Firefox 4 to be able to sync Firefox to an iPad 2?