How to Replace Drive Shaft Boots on a Gold Wing?

Answer The drive shaft boot on a Gold Wing keeps grease and lubrication around the joint that connects the drive shaft to the transmission, and it keeps dust and debris from entering and degrading the joi... Read More »

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How to Replace Drive Shaft Boots?

The connection between the drive shaft and the transmission on a motorcycle is a joint that is covered by a drive shaft boot. This boot prevents dust and dirt from getting into the joint, which can... Read More »

How to Replace Soles on Red Wing Boots?

Red Wing boots are made in America by hand and represent one of the most classic styles of working boot. Red Wing boots are made from sturdy leather and are often used in the work place because of ... Read More »

How to Replace a Headlight on a 1500 Gold Wing?

In 1988 Honda introduced its new touring motorcycle, the Gold Wing GL1500. Since then, the Gold Wing 1500 was in constant production until 2004, when it was replaced with the 1800 model. The Gold W... Read More »

How to Replace Gold Wing Exhaust Manifold Gaskets?

The exhaust manifold gaskets are sandwiched between the cylinder head and the exhaust pipe flange. Because the Honda Gold Wing is a V-Twin, the motorcycle has two exhaust manifold gaskets. If the g... Read More »