How to Replace Depth-Adjustment Levers on a Circular Saw?

Answer When adjusting the depth of a circular saw blade, you will use the depth-adjustment lever that is located at the back of the cutting table. You'll need to either flip up the lever to unlock it, or ... Read More »

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Principles of Levers?

A lever is a simple machine made of three parts: two load arms and a fulcrum. Sometimes the two arms are referred to as the force arm and the load arm, to distinguish which arm is initiating moveme... Read More »

What Are the Different Classes of Levers?

Used for centuries, levers are still considered the easiest ways to lift heavy loads. Of the five types of simple machines, levers use the basic principles of force, pivot and load. Force is the ef... Read More »

Science Activities With Levers?

Levers are found in most household objects and are part of several science activities. A lever is referred to as a simple machine because it only has two parts, the handle and fulcrum. The handle i... Read More »

What Are the Levers on an Outboard Motor?

Some outboard motors have as many as four levers; others have only two. All are mounted on the motor, but sometimes two are disconnected and their function is controlled from a remote lever. The le... Read More »