How to Replace Depth-Adjustment Levers on a Circular Saw?

Answer When adjusting the depth of a circular saw blade, you will use the depth-adjustment lever that is located at the back of the cutting table. You'll need to either flip up the lever to unlock it, or ... Read More »

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Principles of Levers?

A lever is a simple machine made of three parts: two load arms and a fulcrum. Sometimes the two arms are referred to as the force arm and the load arm, to distinguish which arm is initiating moveme... Read More »

Levers in Science Project?

The principle of using a lever to ease a load is one of the fundamental concepts of physics. It is also one of the easiest of these principles to transfer into practical application. Just think how... Read More »

How Are Pulleys & Levers Related?

Pulleys and levers are mechanical devices designed to gain an advantage over an inert load force. Both items are simple machines. They can change the direction or magnitude of applied force. These ... Read More »

How to Install Pazzo Levers?

Pazzo Racing's performance brake and clutch levers offer easy, on-the-go adjustments and an attractive style to complement the appearance of most modern sport and sport-touring motorcycles. Install... Read More »