How to Replace Contact Points in a Car?

Answer When you replace contact points in a car, they should last a year or longer. However, you should adjust them twice a year or so for maintenance. When you replace contact points in a car, you'll en... Read More »

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What Are the Contact Points on a Print Cartridge?

No matter what brand or model of inkjet printer you use, the cartridges inside that printer have contact points that they use to communicate their status to the printer. Modern printers use sophist... Read More »

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How often do you have to replace contact lenses?

it all depends on the type of lenses. it could be weekly or monthly

How to Replace a Horn Contact Switch?

Replacing a vehicle's horn contact switch is necessary to keep the horn system working when the contacts wear out. Contacts can short out from an electrical discharge or just wear out over time. Ho... Read More »