How to Replace Camaro Axle Bearings?

Answer The axle bearings on a Camaro play a primary role in how the vehicle moves. They enable the wheel to move freely during travel. Over time these parts will begin to become worn and can break, requir... Read More »

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How to Replace Axle Bearings?

Axle bearings play a pivotal role in how your vehicle moves. They hold the axle in place, which allows for the free movement of the wheels as you are driving. Over time, these parts will begin to w... Read More »

Replace Rear Axle Bearings on Chevy Pickups?

When rear axle bearings go bad they normally make a grinding or whining noise and occasionally leak oil onto the tire and brake assembly. Replacing the rear axle bearings is somewhat of a technical... Read More »

How to Replace the Rear Axle Wheel Bearings in a 1999 Ford Expedition?

The 1999 Ford Expedition is built on an F150 platform. The Expedition uses a 9.75-inch rear axle. The axles are retained with C-clips at the end of the axle shaft, inside the differential carrier. ... Read More »

About Bad Axle Bearings?

Axle bearings allow car wheel axles to spin. This then allows the car to move supported by the wheel system. When bearings go bad, particularly axle bearings, the symptoms are noticeable. As a resu... Read More »