How to Replace Cable Filters With a Bypass?

Answer A cable television filter sits in-line with the coaxial cable coming from the cable service provider. The filter blocks the low-frequency signals that the cable box sends back to the provider, info... Read More »

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How to Bypass OpenDNS and Web Filters with Freegate?

This article explains how to get past the content blocker OpenDNS and possibly more filters.

How to Bypass Computer Filters?

Bypassing a computer filter at work, home or school will allow you to access otherwise prohibited sites without the bother of having to constantly re-input your computer password and change your se... Read More »

Why is the bypass light on cable box?

it can easily be turned off by going to the main menu of your cable set top. The function of a bypass light is to allow a person to bypass the box in case your set top goes down. It enables the TV ... Read More »

Can I replace the red,blue and green video cable with a red, white and yellow video cable?

I would do so only on a temporary basis. Component video cables are actually "video grade" meaning they can pass the full video bandwidth of HD with little signal degradation. The cheap **** red/wh... Read More »