How to Replace CV Joints on a Toyota?

Answer The CV joints on a Toyota are quite inexpensive to purchase since most vehicles are front-wheel drives. These axles have become very common. It is always cheaper to just buy the whole drive axle ra... Read More »

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How to Replace Toyota Ball Joints?

Toyota lower ball joints are bolted to the lower control arm. Once the vehicle passes 90,000 miles, the ball joints should be checked every 30,000 miles. It is an easy procedure. The ball joints co... Read More »

How to Replace U Joints in a 1990 Toyota Pickup?

Your 1990 Toyota pickup truck uses universal joints, sometimes referred to as U-joints, to carry movement between the axle and wheels while enabling the axle and suspension to slide up and down whi... Read More »

How to Change the CV Joints on a 94 Toyota 4-Runner?

The CV joints on a 1994 Toyota 4-Runner are on the driveshafts of the 4-Runner. The shafts use these CV joints to provide flexibility in the shaft during corning and straight-line travel (when goin... Read More »

How to Remove Inner CV Joints From a 1993 Toyota Corolla?

It often starts with a loud popping sound while you're turning. A worn or damaged constant velocity, or CV, joint. The CV joints provide the flexibility that allows the wheels to turn. The inner CV... Read More »