How to Replace Bulbs With LED on a Motorcycle?

Answer Visibility problems are a leading cause of motorcycle accidents, so anything that makes a bike easier to see will improve safety. LED brake lights are substantially brighter than traditional incand... Read More »

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How to Replace Standard Bulbs With LED Bulbs on an Auto?

Just a few years ago, converting your vehicle's headlights to LED lights was a complicated procedure that involved stripping wires, soldering and other technical tasks. But, as the market for LED h... Read More »

How to Replace Fluorescent Bulbs With LED Bulbs?

LED lights are more efficient and safer than typical fluorescent lights. LEDs do not contain toxic mercury chemicals, nor do they burn out as fast. The majority of LED lights are designed to fit in... Read More »

How to Replace Halogen Bulbs With LED?

One way to "go green" in your home or office is to replace halogen light bulbs with LED (light emitting diode) bulbs. Although halogen bulbs are better than the older incandescent bulbs, LEDs are b... Read More »

How to Replace Halogen Bulb With HID Bulbs?

Halogen lamps were widely introduced into automotive design in the 1990s. The halogen light bulbs are mounted into a vehicle's chassis with a similar fitting and process, regardless of vehicle make... Read More »