How to Replace Brakes on a 1995 Honda Accord?

Answer Your Accord's brake pads are the components that absorb the energy and heat created when come to a stop. The friction material in brake pads wear down over time. The brake pads on your Accord must ... Read More »

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How to Change 1995 Honda Accord Brakes?

Changing the front brakes on your 1995 Honda Accord is an important part of ensuring safe stopping and superior braking system performance. Honda recommends regularly replacing the brake pads at 30... Read More »

How to Replace a 1995 Honda Accord Bumper?

Your Honda Accord's bumpers are the first parts of defending the car's ends during a possible rear-end or head on collision. Should the unfortunate occur, you may find that replacing the bumper to ... Read More »

How to Replace 1998 Honda Accord Brakes?

Brakes are one of the most important safety features on any car. The brakes on your 1998 Honda Accord use pads that squeeze the rotors and stop the car with friction. Over time, these brake pads we... Read More »

How to Replace Emergency Brakes in a Honda Accord?

Emergency brakes were originally used to stop a vehicle during a failure of the regular brakes. However, emergency brakes are now used primarily to keep the vehicle from moving while parked because... Read More »