How to Replace Brake Seals on Drum Brakes?

Answer Drum braking systems use a hydraulic wheel cylinder to press twin shoes into the interior of a drum, stopping the vehicle. The rubber seals on both sides of the wheel cylinder can become worn and e... Read More »

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How to Replace Rear Drum Brakes With Disc Brakes?

Most all of the newer make and model vehicles come with front and rear disc brakes, but there are some vehicles that do come equipped with drum brakes. The drum brakes can be converted to disc brak... Read More »

How to Install Brake Shoes and Drum Brakes?

A key safety component on your car is your braking system. As time goes on and the miles add up, your brakes will wear down and need to be replaced. The brakes on the rear wheels of many cars are d... Read More »

How to Adjust the Emergency Brake on Drum Brakes?

An emergency brake (or hand brake) is used to keep your vehicle from moving when it is parked. Since the emergency brake is independent of your vehicle’s regular service brakes, it can also be us... Read More »

How to Replace Drum Brakes With Disc Brakes?

People convert their vehicle's drum brakes to disc brakes because of the advantages disc brakes offer. Disc brakes dissipate heat better, perform better in wet weather, and last longer. In the last... Read More »