How to Replace Ball Joints on 1989 Chevy Pickup?

Answer Your 1989 Chevy truck's ball joints are steel bearings with a socket, which are packaged in steel and slide into the steering knuckle. They offer you greater control, comfort and flexibility in ste... Read More »

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How to Replace the Ball Joints on a 1989 Buick Century?

You may enjoy the bump, wiggle and shimmy at the local disco; but when your front suspension starts to shake its booty then it may be time to replace the lower ball joints. The 1989 Buick Century h... Read More »

How to Replace the Ball Joint on a 1989 Ford Pickup?

The ball joints of your 1989 Ford pickup are essential for steering the truck. The ball joints act in the same way that your elbow or knee acts and provides the connection between the steering syst... Read More »

How to Replace the Upper Ball Joints of a 1991 Chevrolet Pickup?

Truck suspensions aren't difficult to work on, but replacing the upper ball joints on a 1991 Chevrolet truck can be frustrating. Following the steps as outlined below will help you learn how to rep... Read More »

How to Replace Ball Joints in a Chevy Car?

The ball joints on a Chevrolet vehicle are the joints which connect the control arm to the steering knuckle. The ball joint allows the front wheel to travel up and down when traveling over rough te... Read More »