How to Replace Align DS510 Servo Gears?

Answer Align model helicopters are battery powered, but the majority of the moving parts use mechanical drives and gears. The servo is a gear box that transfers power generated by the batteries into mecha... Read More »

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How to Change Servo Gears in Blade 400?

The servo gears on the Blade 400 remote control helicopter are small and made of thin plastic. The teeth on the gears can be easily damaged if the helicopter crashes or engages in rough landings. U... Read More »

How Do I Replace Rear End Gears in a 91 Camaro?

If you hear a rumbling noise from underneath the back of your 1991 Camaro, your rear end gears might be bad. Another sign they are bad are vibrations at high speeds. If you do not replace the gears... Read More »

How to Change Gears on Bicycle With 10 or more Gears?

Most bicycles today come with anywhere from 10 to 27 gears. Selecting the proper gear and knowing when to switch will let you ride faster, longer, and without worry of "that big hill".

How to Use Servo Motors?

Servo motors are commonly used in remote control vehicles and small robots. Servos are small rectangular boxes with a motor shaft at the top of the box and three connection wires coming out the opp... Read More »