How to Replace 4Runner Belts?

Answer Toyota 4-Runner models built before 2000 came equipped with different drive belts that operated the front engine accessories. The belts operated the alternator, air conditioner compressor, water pu... Read More »

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How to Replace the Drive Belts on 1996 Toyota 4Runner?

The 1996 Toyota 4-Runner model vehicles come equipped with two separate drive belts that control each engine accessory. One of the belts controls the alternator and the air conditioner compressor. ... Read More »

How to Replace 4Runner Shocks?

Shocks do more than soften your 4Runner's ride. They also play a key role in maintaining traction between the tires and the road. Worn shocks will let the axles jump and down too much, especially w... Read More »

How do I replace a 4Runner oil filter?

RemovalDrain the engine oil at the oil pan beforehand to reduce the amount of oil that spills when removing the filter. Position your drain pan under the filter on a V-8 engine to help catch any oi... Read More »

How to Replace 4Runner Brakes?

Taking the time to replace the brake pads on your Toyota 4runner will save you hundreds of dollars and also give you the satisfaction of repairing your own vehicle. When replacing the brake pads, a... Read More »