How to Repel Sea Gulls at the Beach?

Answer Seagulls are a natural part of the shoreline's ecosystem; however, too many of these critters in one area can become a problem. The birds' droppings can cause structural damage, and their scavengin... Read More »

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Are male gulls more colorful than female?

Male seagulls are not more colorful than females, according to the "All About Seagulls" website. Male and female seagulls have similar coloring, which varies by species from black to pale-gray to a... Read More »

If a contract to rent a beach house in VA Beach is signed in Maryland can suit for false advertising be brought in Maryland even if the property management co is located in VA Beach?

If the property management company or the realtor handling the rental arrangements have a physical place of business in the state of Maryland, the suit can be brought in Maryland. If not, it must b... Read More »

South beach Miami Versus Venice Beach, California which 1 is better and more lively?

They aren't remotely the same. South Beach is very high end. Venice is very much "whatever goes".

Where is the beach community on hawaii-50 from the episode about the surf company guy the place where all the people are living on the beach?