How to Repel Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrels?

Answer The golden-mantled ground squirrel resembles a chipmunk, which leads many homeowners to confuse the two. The small rodent is covered in brownish-gray fur and two black stripes that run across its b... Read More »

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How do I repel squirrels?

Squirrel RepellantApply a pre-made squirrel repellent around the areas where squirrels are invading your house or yard. These repellents mimic the urine scent of some predators such as foxes, which... Read More »

Does peppermint oil repel squirrels?

Peppermint oil is an effective and organic home remedy for repelling squirrels. Cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil and left where unwanted squirrels are can keep squirrels out of flower beds and... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Voles & Ground Squirrels?

Voles and ground squirrels are two common lawn pests that dig up the yard and ruin a garden. While both creatures eat bulbs and some types of plants, voles dig holes through the lawn and garden. Sq... Read More »

How do you keep ground squirrels from eating your tomatoes?