How to Repair the Wiper Arms on a Hyundai Excel?

Answer The windshield wiper arms on your Excel suffer damage most often during the winter time. Repeatedly failing to clear the windshield of heavy snow before you operate the windshield wipers eventually... Read More »

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How to Adjust Wiper Arms?

There are many variables that can cause wiper arms got out of adjustment on your vehicle. Snow and ice built up on the arms when you turn on the wiper motor in order to clear the windshield is usua... Read More »

How to Install Wiper Arms?

If you have bent, damaged or misaligned wiper arms on your car, you do not have to make an appointment at a repair shop and pay expensive labor charges to have them fixed. You can perform the repai... Read More »

Types of Wiper Arms?

Wiper arms are necessary equipment for moving vehicles. Wiper arms have the ability to allow the driver to maneuver through rain and other precipitation, like light snow, mist, or drizzle, making t... Read More »

How to Remove GM Wiper Arms?

The wiper arms on your GM vehicle are held in place with a retaining nut. Wiper arms do not generally fail, but when they do, it's usually because of the spring in the base of the wiper arm. Replac... Read More »