How to Repair the Rear Brake Line in a 1989 Ford Tempo?

Answer A brake line with kinks or holes in it on the Ford Tempo may render the brakes ineffective when you are driving. It is important that you not only keep the brakes themselves in good working order, ... Read More »

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How to Change a Rear Brake Line on a Ford Truck?

It's necessary to change the brake line on your vehicle if the line is damaged. A damaged brake line can prevent your brake system from performing properly. Over time, the corrosion of brake lines ... Read More »

How do I Replace the Heater Hoses in a 1989 Ford Tempo?

The Ford Tempo was produced by the Ford Motor Company from 1984 to '94. These vehicles use a radiator and coolant system to keep the engine temperatures at a suitable operating speed. The coolant i... Read More »

How to Replace a Water Pump on a 1989 Ford Tempo?

Leaving a water pump not operating at full capacity can starve the engine of coolant, leading to damage of vital internal engine components. Once the pump shows any signs of failure, it should be c... Read More »

How to Remove a Rear Hydraulic Brake Line on a Ford Truck?

Over time, corrosion can affect any vehicle, and almost any part. Your Ford truck's brake lines can corrode over time as well, and depending on the condition of the line, could fail. In this case, ... Read More »