How to Repair the Head Gasket in a Chevy 350 Engine?

Answer A blown head gasket can not only cause your Chevy 350 engine to run poorly, but if left unattended could cause much longer lasting and more expensive damage to your engine. To ensure against catast... Read More »

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How to Replace Head Gasket on Chevy 350 Engine?

The 350 is quite possibly Chevrolet's most popular small-block engine. Although the 350 is known for its durability, this does not mean that the engine is always problem-free. A blown cylinder hea... Read More »

Engine Head Gasket Problems?

An engine head gasket is used to seal a cylinder head, which sits atop the engine block and cylinders. It seals these elements to prevent oil and coolant from mixing. These gaskets can experience p... Read More »

How Do I Remove a BMW M30 Engine Head Gasket?

The head gasket in your BMW M30 is used to help prevent any fluids from entering the head cylinder. Replacing the head gasket is one of the most difficult jobs to undertake as it involves dismantli... Read More »

Engine Head Gasket Leak?

A head gasket leak is the failure of the head gasket, a seal between the engine block, which houses the engine's cylinders and pistons, and the cylinder head, which contains the valves that admit a... Read More »