How to Repair the Charger for an Electric Bicycle?

Answer Electric bicycles are a great, eco-friendly way of getting around for short distances, but you do need to remember to charge them regularly. Your charger is a very important piece of equipment and ... Read More »

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What is the top speed of an electric bicycle?

An electric bicycle, according to U.S. federal law, cannot exceed 25 mph. Various states may have different laws governing electric bicycles, but the federal law surpasses any state regulations reg... Read More »

How to Make an Electric Bicycle?

Regular bicycles provide users with a form of human-powered transportation that is much more efficient and faster than walking. However, they leave something to be desired when it comes to top spee... Read More »

Can you get a DWI on an electric bicycle in Texas?

A bicycle, whether electric or not, is considered a vehicle in most states, including Texas. DWI charges on an electric bicycle are treated the same in Texas as a DWI in a car would be.Source:DUI L... Read More »

How to Build an Electric Bicycle?

Bicycles have always been a widely used transportation method all around the world, even though they faced minor modification over time. One of the most important improvements that can be made to a... Read More »