How to Repair the Ceiling on a Honda Civic?

Answer There's nothing more annoying than when you develop a rip or tear in the headliner on the inside ceiling of your Honda Civic. There are ways to fix tears, however, without having to replace the ent... Read More »

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How to Repair a Strut on a Honda Civic?

The strut assembly on a Honda Civic, like any vehicle, is made up of multiple components. Any one of these components can affect the struts ability to absorb the shocks of the road. Replacing the e... Read More »

How to Repair the Brakes on a Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic is manufactured with four-wheel disc brakes, but some early models have a combination of rear drum and disc setups. The caliper/rotor and drum/shoe styles of brake systems can be re... Read More »

How to Repair a Sagging Headliner in a Honda Civic?

Sagging headliners need to be repaired as soon as possible because they can obstruct your view while driving, causing a safety hazard. Though the headliner can sag in any area of any car, Honda Civ... Read More »

How to Repair Panels on a 1988 Honda Civic?

The body panels on a 1988 Honda Civic are made from metal and cover the frame of the Civic along the sides. The panels protect the frame and give the car the unique look of the Civic. The panels ca... Read More »