How to Repair the Broken Monitor on a Notebook?

Answer Repairing a broken LCD monitor screen on a notebook computer usually means replacing the screen altogether since few notebook monitors are economically repairable once they are cracked or the scree... Read More »

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How to Use an External Monitor for a Broken Inspiron 1501 Laptop Monitor?

Many people believe they can no longer use their laptops if the main display breaks, but a broken LCD doesn't render the entire system useless. You can connect an external monitor to your Dell Insp... Read More »

Acer Monitor Repair - Where Can I Find Tips & Instructions For Acer Monitor Repair?

Check out LCD Monitor Repair ( ). Acer is one of the brands I repair, and it's usually a backlight or inverter problem. If the monitor is black without any visibl... Read More »

How to Use a Notebook As a Second Monitor?

Using two monitors when working on a computer allows a user to multitask, such as reading an email while writing another one, running a program on one monitor while reading the instructions on the ... Read More »

Is it possible to connect a external monitor to the HP625 Notebook?

Yes, most all laptops/notebooks can have an external monitor connected to them. Your computer has two video output ports:1 external VGA monitor1 HDMIYou can connect a standard VGA cable to the comp... Read More »