How to Repair the Brakes on a 94 Toyota Celica?

Answer The 1994 Toyota Celica is available in four trim levels: ST coupe, ST liftback, GT coupe and GT liftback. All four trim levels come fitted with front disc brakes and semi-metallic brake pads. Over ... Read More »

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Does a 1981 Toyota Celica have four wheel disc brakes?

A 1981 Toyota Celica is not manufactured with four wheel disc brakes. The rear brakes are drum brakes, which are not disc brakes. The front brakes, however, are disc brakes.References:Parts Bin: 1... Read More »

Does the 1989 Toyota Celica GT have anti-lock brakes?

The 1989 model of the Toyota Celica GT does not have an anti-lock breaking system included. The fifth generation of the Toyota Celica GT, beginning in 1990, had an anti-lock braking system as an ad... Read More »

How to Repair the Rear Wiper on a 2001 Toyota Celica?

The rear wiper on your 2001 Toyota Celica cleans the rear hatch window. This wiper may not be used as much as the front wipers, but should still be checked every six months for wear and tear. Repla... Read More »

How to Repair Disc Brakes on a Toyota Tundra?

When you change the disc brakes on the Toyota Tundra, you need to consider whether you should also change the rotor discs. The brake pads and rotors work together and use friction to stop the Tundr... Read More »