How to Repair the Brakes on Ford Trucks?

Answer Brake repairs on Ford trucks usually consist of replacing worn brake pads. The brake pad contains a steel backing plate with composite friction material bonded to the plate. Friction material is us... Read More »

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How to Repair the Brakes on a Ford F-150?

Repairing brakes on any vehicle is usually a job for a trained professional. However, it is possible to take on the task at home. You will need the appropriate tools for the job. Pay extra attentio... Read More »

How to Repair Ford Disk Brakes?

Repairing Ford disc brakes can be as simple as replacing the brake pads or involve a more complicated procedure. There are three main components to the Ford braking system. The brake pads require t... Read More »

How to Repair Ford Expedition Brakes?

The Ford Expedition has twin-piston, full-floating brake calipers. The brake pads are installed on an anchor plate, and the caliper is mounted to the anchor plate with a set of slider bolts. It is ... Read More »

How to Repair Ford F150 Brakes?

The late model Ford F150 has front disc brakes with a dual piston caliper and a non-floating rotor, which houses the wheel bearings. The caliper pistons are on the same side, which means the calipe... Read More »