How to Repair an Outboard Motor Propeller?

Answer The propeller on your boat's outboard engine is the mechanism responsible for propelling the boat. Over time, the propeller can take a lot of abuse from rocks, logs or stumps. If this happens, it c... Read More »

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Boat Outboard Motor Repair?

Outboard motor repair is similar to car engine repair with the notable exception of powering a propeller instead of wheels. Outboard engines of all types are internal combustion engines connected t... Read More »

Mercury Outboard Motor Repair Tips?

Troubleshooting a problem with a badly running engine, your first course of action is to look into the compression, ignition and fuel system. These three required elements make an engine run. In a... Read More »

How to Repair a Speed Control That's Hard to Twist on an Outboard Motor?

Most often, when the throttle on an outboard motor's tiller-type steering system becomes difficult to twist, it's because the throttle handle has been subjected to vibration. Vibration causes the t... Read More »

How to Install a Mercury Outboard Propeller?

Whether you're tired of your boat's listless performance or you're replacing a propeller that had an unfortunate get-together with a submerged block of cement or a rock, you can complete this task... Read More »