How to Repair an Oil Pan Plug?

Answer The constant removing and installing of an oil drain plug causes wear on the threads of both the drain plug and the oil pan. Eventually the threads strip and the drain plug fails to keep oil in the... Read More »

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How to Repair an Oil Drain Plug?

Repairing an oil pan drain plug is a temporary solution. The drain plug's composition is softer than the oil pan threads to help prevent damage to the pan. However, after so many oil changes, the p... Read More »

VW Oil Drain Plug Repair?

The oil drain plug of a VW is located on the oil pan, which is beneath the vehicle and below the engine. The oil plug is loosened whenever an oil change is perfrormed and tightened afterward. Due t... Read More »

How to Repair a Tire Plug?

It's hard to defend whether to plug a tire, let alone repair an existing plug in a tire. Tire manufacturers, auto mechanics and tire plug companies can't even agree amongst their industries, let al... Read More »

How to Repair, Plug & Patch a Tire?

A flat tire due to a nail or screw can be a frustrating experience---especially on a tire with only a few miles on it. Instead of replacing the tire, purchase a tire repair kit and fix the tire you... Read More »