How to Repair an HVAC Coil Drain Pan?

Answer An HVAC unit adjusts more than just the temperature inside your home. It dehumidifies the inside air, removing the moisture from it. This moisture drips off the evaporator coils inside the unit, do... Read More »

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What is an HVAC evaporator coil?

Central heating and air conditioning systems use an evaporator coil that allows heated, compressed refrigerant to expand into a cooler gaseous form, removing heat from surrounding air.HVAC SystemTh... Read More »

What Does a Coil Do in an HVAC System?

The coil of an HVAC system performs two functions. First, it transfers heat from the air passing over it into the liquid contained within the cooling coils. Second, if the indoor dew point is highe... Read More »

What is an internal heating load for HVAC fan coil unit?

The question is too vague, It depends on the Tonnage (BTU's) and or the Horsepower of the fan motor.

How to Drain Water From an HVAC Unit?

When warm air cools, the air can't hold as much moisture. The excess moisture condenses from its vapor form into water. This process occurs within HVAC units when they cool the air for your home. T... Read More »