How to Repair an Epoxy Sink?

Answer Epoxy is a special type of hardening glue that can be used to refinish enamel sink damage. Repair an epoxy sink--or a sink that has previously been repaired using an epoxy repair mix--by re-layerin... Read More »

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Oil Pan Epoxy Repair?

The oil pan holds the majority an engine's motor oil. If an oil pan is damaged, epoxy can be used to repair small cracks. The epoxy is a two-part repair that hardens around the damaged area to... Read More »

DIY Epoxy Concrete Repair?

Damage in the concrete in and around your home, especially in concrete walls, can be a sign that bad things are happening to your foundation. These types of cracks should be examined by a home insp... Read More »

How to Repair Wood Rot With Epoxy?

Rotted and damaged wood can be repaired with a two-part epoxy filler. The main purpose of the epoxy filler is to fill in the rotted area. The two-part epoxy filler is designed to form and harden to... Read More »

How to Repair Tile With Epoxy?

Ceramic tile is a versatile and beautiful material, and under most conditions it is quite durable as well. However, ceramic tile is not immune to wear and tear, and over time you may notice that a ... Read More »