How to Repair an Electric Clutch?

Answer An electric clutch is located within a riding lawnmower. The clutch’s job is to enable the riding mower’s blades to engage. Although this form of clutch is built for wear and tear, sometimes i... Read More »

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How to Go From a Fan Clutch to an Electric Fan in a Jeep Cherokee?

Replacing the Jeep Cherokee's clutch-driven fan with an electric fan will improve the vehicle's performance, run the engine cooler and be considerably cheaper than a full engine rebuild. With the c... Read More »

Replacing an Electric Clutch on a Lawn Mower?

The transition between childhood and the teenage years can be difficult and awkward. You're not quite a teenager but you're not a child anymore, either. No doubt you are starting to pay more attent... Read More »

How to Test an Electric Clutch on a Snow Plow?

Electric clutches are commonly used in larger tractors and snow plows to engage the cutting blades or plowing mechanisms. When these clutches fail to engage or there is a loss of power to the plowi... Read More »

How to Repair a Clutch?

The clutch in your vehicle works by applying force against a flywheel mated to your engine using a clutch disc and pressure plate. The clutch is made of friction material and is designed to "grab" ... Read More »