How to Repair an Automotive Battery Charger?

Answer An automotive or car battery charger rarely goes wrong. A battery charger doesn't contain any moving parts and is simply a device that transforms mains alternating current (AC) into direct current ... Read More »

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How to Use an Automotive Battery Charger?

An automotive battery charger is made to charge a standard lead-acid automotive battery. These are the typical 12 volt types found in virtually every automobile. They all have a positive, or red ba... Read More »

How to Choose an Automotive Battery Charger?

Whether keeping it in your car for emergency purposes or leaving it at your auto shop or home for working on cars, an automotive battery charger is a wise investment. An automotive battery charger ... Read More »

How to Build Automotive Battery Charger/Booster?

Having an automotive battery charger can be very useful on days when you leave your lights on. Battery chargers are used to replenish the energy a battery loses during abnormal use. In some instan... Read More »

How to Repair an Auto Battery Charger?

Auto or car battery chargers use 120 volt mains electricity which is converted to 12 volts to produce a constant flow of electrons to your battery. Battery chargers rarely go wrong, but if they do ... Read More »