How to Repair an Aluminum Radiator?

Answer Thirty years ago, most automotive radiators were made of a copper and brass combination, which cooled the engine more efficiently than aluminum but was also more costly and heavier. These brass/cop... Read More »

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How to Install an Aluminum Radiator?

In the quest to increase car performance, many original parts are removed and replace with lighter components. One such part is the car's radiator. A stock radiator weighs much more than an aluminu... Read More »

Aluminum Radiator Vs. Brass?

Mechanics and auto fanatics may prefer either an aluminum or a brass radiator. In terms of cooling capabilities, efficiency and weight, however, brass and aluminum radiators offer different capabil... Read More »

How to Patch an Aluminum Radiator?

A car radiator can sustain damage from absorbing debris or front-end collisions. The radiator is crucial to protecting the car's engine from damage due to overheating. If a radiator has received a ... Read More »

How to Recycle an Aluminum Radiator?

Aluminum car radiators can be melted down to be re-formed into a variety of new aluminum products. Aluminum, including aluminum in the form of a radiator, is classified as scrap metal, and you may ... Read More »