How to Repair a Window Leak on a Stucco House?

Answer Leaks around a stucco house's windows occur for numerous reasons, including improper window installation and moisture trapped in the wall. Continuous moisture accumulation around the windows result... Read More »

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How to Repair a Car Window Leak?

Window leaks can cost you a lot of money if you hire a repairman. If you have noticed that the floorboards, car dash or seats are wet after driving your car under heavy rain, it is possible that yo... Read More »

How to Repair Window Trim From a Leak?

When it rains and you notice that water is getting into your car, chances are there is a leak in the window trim, caused by old caulking or cracks in the window. Instead of spending money on a cost... Read More »

How to Stucco a House?

Stucco is very similar to concrete in that it's a mixture of cement and sand, but it also has hydrated lime to add stickiness. Stucco is breathable, which makes it popular in Florida and other humi... Read More »

How to Repair Stucco at Home?

Stucco is a wall treatment popular in the West and South. It is found mainly on the outside of houses as exterior treatment to give it a little flare. Similar to plaster, as it gets older it can ge... Read More »