How to Repair a Wheelchair Battery?

Answer Wheelchairs use deep cycle lead-acid batteries to power them, the same as golf cart batteries. They are similar in design to a lead-acid car battery, except they produce a constant output during us... Read More »

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How to Recondition a Wheelchair Battery?

Batteries used to power wheelchairs can die quickly after recharging if they are not occasionally reconditioned. While a wheelchair battery is similar to a regular car battery---both are lead-acid ... Read More »

I need a wheelchair cover for a motorized wheelchair. any ideas where to buy one?

There are a number of retailers which offer them both online and in regular storefronts. Most often if you want to purchase locally, check for your Yellow Pages for a local medical supply store or... Read More »

How to Make a Dog Wheelchair out of a Regular Wheelchair?

Making a wheelchair from scratch for your large dog can be challenging for the novice builder, and buying him a new one can eat a hole in your pocket book. The good news is that if you have a giant... Read More »

How to Repair an OQO Battery?

OQO was a company that manufactured handheld PC computers. These devices are much like mobile pocket PC devices in that they are smaller than tablet computers and can usually fit in your pocket. Th... Read More »