How to Repair a Variac W10H?

Answer The Variac W10H is a model of variable transformer that can be used to provide stepless and undistorted variation of AC voltage and of dependent parameters such as current and motor speed. As with ... Read More »

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What is a variac transformer?

Variac transformers, also called variable transformers or autotransformers, are a class of transformers without fixed output voltages. Using a knob, dial or similar control, Variacs can be set to d... Read More »

Dropped laptop and busted LCD.Manufacturer wants $600 to repair, $900 new five months ago. Repair or Replace?

Dead Pixel Repair - Should I Repair My LCD Monitor Or Replace It?

Replace the monitor it's still under warranty. If not, then you can try fixing it -- first at the software level and second at the hardware level.There's a Java-based program called JScreenFix that... Read More »

Can a torn meniscus repair on it's own or do you need surgery to repair in?

The meniscus will not heal on its own and does need surgery to be repaired. Often though, people have little to no pain or problems with a tear in the meniscus and thus do not require surgery. If y... Read More »