How to Repair a VW Beetle Dashboard Crack?

Answer Dashboards crack due to old age, sun exposure and blunt-force trauma. You can fill the crack on your own using resin, vinyl fill or silicone caulking. This may may stop the crack from getting bigge... Read More »

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How to Fix a Big Crack in the Dashboard?

Your dashboard can get cracked from exposure to sunlight, from the pressure of items placed on top of it, or from general wear and tear within the car's interior. You can fix a large dashboard crac... Read More »

How to Repair Dashboard Vinyl?

There are many methods of repairing holes and cracks on a vinyl dashboard. Different techniques are best suited to different sized cracks. For cracks less than 2", one can use epoxy or metal fill... Read More »

Auto Dashboard Repair?

After years of sunshine and wear and tear, your vehicle dashboard can really take a beating. The problem is that most dashboard repair kits either don't work or they just leave your dashboard look... Read More »

How to Repair a Cracked Dashboard in a Car?

Constant exposure to the heat from the sun may cause the dashboard on your beloved vehicle to crack. It can be expensive to have it repaired or even fixed, but luckily, it's a simple enough repair... Read More »