How to Repair a Turn Signal Switch?

Answer The turn signal switch is a relay to operate the signal lights at the front and rear of the car. When electrical difficulties occur in these switches it is usually necessary to replace the switch a... Read More »

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How to Repair an Oldsmobile Cutlass Turn Signal Switch?

The turn signal switch in an Oldsmobile is integrated with a multi-function switch that is responsible for operating your windshield wipers, cruise control, light dimmers and your turn signal. When... Read More »

How to Repair the Turn Signal Switch on a 1994 Wrangler?

The turn signal switch on a 1994 Wrangler is housed inside the steering column. The switch is connected to a detachable stalk that controls the switch. Over time, the connectors on the switch can w... Read More »

How to Repair the Turn Signal & Flashing Hazard Switch on a 1995 Silverado Truck?

The turn signal and hazard flasher switch on a 1995 Silverado truck gives you instant control of the turn signals and hazard flashers. The turn signal stalk juts from the side of the steering colum... Read More »

How to Tell When a Turn Signal Switch Is Bad?

If your turn signal has stopped working, there are several possible reasons. You could have a bad bulb in the turn signal or in the dash indicator. Or you could have a blown fuse. Those are simple ... Read More »