How to Repair a Torn Cashmere Coat?

Answer A quality cashmere coat is an investment. It is also an investment that can be easily ruined by a poorly placed storage container that welcomes moths or mice. It is also easy to have a careless bru... Read More »

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How to Prevent Moth Damage to a Cashmere Coat?

A cashmere coat is a luxurious way to stay warm during the winter, but what should you do with the coat in the summer when moths are active? Moths seem to love cashmere, due to its soft fibers, but... Read More »

In a big city, Do you find a cashmere coat with real furs casual or elegant^^?

Well, I like to be different so I would wear the cashmere in the grandest of style. Elegantly, dahling, simply elegant!

How to Spot-Repair the Paint Base Coat and Clear Coat?

Popular Mechanics offers some assurance for those who find ghastly scratches on their cars: Many of these scratches can be repaired with some buffing and sanding. In general, most car scratches pen... Read More »

How to Repair a Rip in a Cashmere Sweater?

Cashmere, that idol of softness and luxury, requires a bit of tender, loving care for a lifetime of use. Small rips commonly develop in cashmere sweaters that are worn frequently, especially in th... Read More »