How to Repair a Tire Seal?

Answer Your tires maintain a good seal when the bead -- a metal cord encased in the lip of the tire -- presses firmly against the lip of the rim. Cold weather and driving over potholes or curbs can loosen... Read More »

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How to Seal a Tire on a Rim?

Not only is a slow leak in a tire annoying, it can also be dangerous. A tire that is too low can roll under on a corner, seriously affecting the ability of the tire to grip the road. Low tires also... Read More »

How to Fix a Flat Tire Using a Tire Repair Kit?

A nail will puncture any type of tire. The rubber poses little barrier for a nail or screw. You typically will only notice a nail or screw in your tire when it goes flat. You should visually inspec... Read More »

How to Seal Tire Rims With Ether?

Tire shops have special gear and equipment to make the beads on tubeless tires expand wide enough to touch the rim on each side so compressed air can be added to fully seat the tire on a rim. If yo... Read More »

How to Seal a Tire Valve Stem?

Most tire leaks come from damage due to a road hazard, such as a nail. Those leaks are readily identified. Often, cause of unidentified leaks is your valve stem. The valve stem creates a seal, usin... Read More »