How to Repair a Tiled Shower Wall?

Answer A tiled shower wall that has a broken or loose tile is a serious problem, even if it's just a small crack on the tile. Water can get behind the tile through that crack, causing the neighboring tile... Read More »

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Can I use sheetrock for tiled shower walls?

Sheetrock is typically used in residential construction as a wall covering. However, when covering shower walls with tile, a specific type of drywall called greenboard is necessary. Regular sheet... Read More »

Should I Caulk the Inside Corner of a Tiled Shower?

The luminosity of a laptop screen can be increased to brighten the viewing area by pressing a combination of keys on the keyboard. Increasing screen brightness can help reduce eye fatigue and impro... Read More »

What would cause the inside wall in a tile shower to become wet if there is no plumbing in this wall?

Answer If there is no plumbing in the wall it has to be either a leak from upstairs that's running down the wall or the grout or caulk has gone bad and every time you take a shower you make it wors... Read More »

How to Set Wall Shower Tile?

The tile in your shower may have seen better days. Soap scum and daily use can make the tile and grout in your shower look old and dingy pretty quickly. Replacing shower wall tile is a straightforw... Read More »