How to Repair a Tecumseh Engine That Will Not Idle?

Answer Any internal combustion engine needs the right air-to-fuel mixture to work properly, and that function is handled by the engine's carburetor. One sign that your Tecumseh engine is not getting the r... Read More »

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Tecumseh Gas Engine Specs?

Named after one of the most important Native Americans, Tecumseh produced gasoline engines, both two and four stroke, for lawn mowers, snow blowers, chippers, shredders, and other applications for ... Read More »

How to Wire the Ignition on a Tecumseh Engine?

The Tecumseh engine relies on the proper wiring of its ignition system in order to start properly. The motor will fail to start if the spark plug is disconnected or if the starter solenoid is not a... Read More »

Where is the model number on a Tecumseh 10 hp XL engine?

Model numbers on Tecumseh 8 to 18 hp cast-iron, 4-cycle engines are stamped into the blower housing (engine shroud) or on a nameplate sticker. The "HH," "VH" or "OH" letter designation means engine... Read More »

How to Replace a Carberator on a Tecumseh Engine?

The float model carburetor on your Tecumseh engine mixes air and fuel to provide internal combustion. Even though it is known for reliability and power, like most other machines, it needs to be rep... Read More »