How to Repair a Split Fingernail?

Answer Split fingernails can be unsightly and even painful. The secret to seamlessly repairing a tear is to catch it before the nail completely breaks. The following technique works on both real and artif... Read More »

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How to Repair a Torn Fingernail?

To avoid nail breakage, moisturize your nails and use gloves when you're washing dishes or gardening. Here's how you can fix those unavoidable nail snafus. Does this Spark an idea?

How to Repair Split Ends?

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How to Repair a Split Bumper?

Repairing a split in a plastic bumper can be done at home if you want to avoid the expense of an auto body shop repair bill, or you do not want to replace the whole bumper. You can repair the split... Read More »

How to Repair a Split Bamboo Rod?

Bamboo's strength and flexibility makes it ideal for many building projects. A cut length of bamboo, called a rod, is strongest when it is whole and unbroken. A split in a bamboo rod reduces its st... Read More »