How to Repair a Side View Mirror on a Toyota?

Answer Many things could happen to necessitate the need to change the side mirror on your Toyota. Damage is common when struck by passing vehicles while the car sits on the side of the road. Wearing and d... Read More »

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How to Replace a Side-View Mirror for a Toyota?

There are four types of side-view mirrors that may be installed on a Toyota. A manual mirror that has to be adjusted from the outside; a manual mirror with an interior adjustment lever; a powered m... Read More »

How to Repair a Side-View Mirror?

Repairing a side-view mirror may require a few different procedures depending on the model vehicle. Replacing just the glass mirror isn't always as feasible and inexpensive as replacing the entire ... Read More »

How to Replace a Side View Mirror on a Toyota Avalon?

One of the premium Toyota vehicles, the Avalon side-view mirrors are exceptionally costly to replace. Several aftermarket companies now provide direct-fit side-view mirrors for all kinds of cars. T... Read More »

How to Install a Side View Mirror on a Toyota Prius?

The Prius took Japan by storm when it was introduced in 1998, but it wouldn't see U.S. shores until 2001. The Toyota Prius is typically regarded as the most successful hybrid vehicle in the world. ... Read More »